All types of Razor,razor barbed wire fence

Razor Barbed Wire offers the ultimate in high perimeter security for indoor and outdoor property protection. (Also know as Razor Ribbon, Helical, Security Barbed Tape or Concertina Wire) It is available in 18″ stainless steel razor wire coils which are designed to cover up to 50 linear feet. The coils are stretched out like a ‘slinky’ and can cover up to 50′, although expanding beyond 33 feet will reduce effectiveness. Stainless steel is preferred to achieve a strong long lasting solution.

Spiral razor wire security barrier, is a spiral razor barbed fence, where razor concertina wire suite spiral coils which are interconnected at several points in a certain pattern. Spiral security barrier razor is much more efficient single-reinforced barbed tape concertina and barriers of conventional barbed wire, to overcome or destroy it is very difficult.