Steel lattice ceiling grating is a ceiling product made of steel grid as interior decoration. As a suspended ceiling product, the surface of steel grating plate is hot-dip galvanized. Its structure is light, and the suspended ceiling can be used for pedestrians, which is convenient for maintenance of central air-conditioning and other equipment. Steel lattice ceiling grating can be widely used in printing workshops, industrial plants, exhibition centers, large stadiums, commercial exhibitions, stations, docks, airports and other commercial and industrial building ceilings. The steel grating ceiling is a decorative steel grating product with a certain bearing capacity. Its welding points are firm, the hole spacing is uniform, and the mesh surface is flat. It can be said that it is both an industrial product and a handicraft. The high strength, light structure and solid grid pressure welding structure of the steel lattice ceiling grating make it have the characteristics of high bearing capacity, light structure, easy lifting, unloading, installation, etc. It has a beautiful appearance and is durable. The hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment makes it have a good corrosion resistance and beautiful surface luster. It also has good ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance, and is easy to clean and maintain. For permanent parts that do not need to be disassembled, welding can be used to weld them on the supports For specific position, fillet welding with length not less than 20mm and height not less than 3mm shall be conducted on the first flat steel at each corner of the plate The installation clamp has the advantages of not damaging the zinc layer and being easy to disassemble. The installation clamp can be used for fixing. At least four installation clamps shall be used for each plate. For larger plates, it is better to install several more on available supports.