Stainless steel wire mesh filter

Filtermesh is made of wire mesh with different mesh sizes. Its function is to filter the molten material flow and increase the resistance of the material flow, so as to filter the mechanical impurities and improve the mixing or plasticizing effect.

With acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties; Mainly used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The screen is divided into textile fiber screen and metal screen. A machine with a filter, called a filter, is used to filter natural water, food, etc.


  1. For acid, alkali environmental conditions screening and filtration, the petroleum industry as mud mesh, chemical and chemical fiber industry as sieve screen, electroplating industry as pickling mesh……
  2. Used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
  3. Used for air conditioning, purifier, range hood, air filter, dehumidifier, dust collector, etc., suitable for a variety of different filtration, dust removal and separation requirements.

Product categories

Metal rubber filter

The metal rubber filter is made of stainless steel wire. Its raw material is stainless steel wire, does not contain any natural rubber, but has a capillary loose structure, especially suitable for solving high and low temperature, large temperature difference, high pressure, high vacuum, strong radiation, intense vibration and corrosion under the environment of gas and liquid filtration.

Metal rubber filter has some characteristics of metal, such as corrosion resistance, high strength, impact resistance. At the same time, the metal rubber filter through the thickness of the wire, the density of the metal rubber, the thickness of the filter can adjust the filtering accuracy of the filter. When cleaning, easy to restore its original density, convenient cleaning.

Air filter screen

Nylon filter product features: the P.P textile fiber forming into an organic whole, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance are the best, and low resistance, can be repeated washing, economy is relatively high, and the capture of the length of fiber dust particles and easy to clean, filtration efficiency is not affected by cleaning, resistance to impact strength is very good, is the general customers the product.

Metal filter screen

All metal mesh products, I believe everyone know, expand metal filter adopts multi-layer aluminum foil mesh or stainless steel wire mesh products, is a special filter filter material, the waves rolling into the net, to designing the transfer of right Angle cross each other and become, filter multi-layer fold expansion in different density, aperture from coarse to fine arrangement, make objects through change flow direction for many times, Increase its efficiency.

Air conditioning filter

Air conditioning filter is concave and convex honeycomb structure, can be widely used in sewage filtration system, air filtration, easy to clean and exchange for many times, lasting time. And the air conditioning filter is convenient to clean, recognized by the majority of users friends.

Coarse effect filter

The main use of coarse filter products is coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre-filtration.

When cleaning impurities in the process of use, special attention should be paid to the stainless steel wire mesh above the filter element can not be deformed or damaged, otherwise, the filter is installed, the purity of the filtered medium can not meet the design requirements, compressor, pump, instrument and other equipment will also be destroyed.

Functional features

Direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, good regeneration performance, fast regeneration speed, easy installation, high efficiency, long service life. Stainless steel filter will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear.

Daily use

Mainly used for air conditioning, purifier, range hood, air filter, dehumidifier and dust collector, suitable for a variety of different filtration, dust removal and separation requirements, suitable for petroleum, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical and other industries of filtration. The use of the filter net is more and more wide, and it is often used in the average family.

The raw materials

Metal filters are generally made of stainless steel wire, nickel wire and brass wire. There are five methods: plain weave, twill weave, plain Dutch weave, twill Dutch weave and reverse Dutch weave. A ferromagnetic metallic element that is highly polished and resistant to corrosion. Used mainly in alloys (such as nickel steel and nickel silver) and as catalysts (such as nickel, especially as a catalyst for hydrogenation). It’s the raw material for the filter.